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Platform Strategy & Enterprise Transformation

This talk synthesizes more than a decade of experience analyzing, advising, and building platforms.  It examines the evolution of the platform landscape, how platforms have become a major force globally and why platforms win over traditional business models. It can be tailored to address transformation in specific industries, such as media, healthcare, manufacturing, or energy as well as speak to issues of concern to business units as well as functions, such as IT, supply chain, marketing, innovation, and strategy. The outcome is to both explain and motivate enterprise transformation.  


Web3 Innovation & Growth

Rapid improvement in virtual technology and blockchain technology is enabling a new wave of innovation — or more accurately transformation, that has become known as web3. Already, it’s spawned crypto-currencies, NFTs, and decentralized finance. Web3 has the potential disruptive, although the scope and timing remain uncertain.  This presentation draws on a wealth of work in the web3 landscape as well as deeply researched examples of specific brand activations.  


Web3 Scenarios to 2030

Scenario planning is a well-established approach for imagining alternative futures and their inter-connected impact. This presentation draws on the Web3 2030 Scenario Project developed by Peter Evans and Doug Randall. The scenarios are designed to help business leaders understand the drivers of the future and to get an early glimpse of the ways the world might evolve. In addition to framing four alternative future pathways, the Web3 2030 scenarios present a strategic perspective that will help your organization position to be a disruptor, rather than being disrupted by the transformation that will occur as the world moves from web2 to web3.


Experience Platforms: Finding New Strategic Value in Today's Experience Economy

Leading companies around the globe have developed experience platforms as a way to engage and captivate customers at scale. Examples include experience marketplaces like Airbnb Experience, Cameo, and Viator, social commerce platforms like Amazon Live, Twitch and WhatsApp as well as metaverse environments like Decentraland and The Sandbox. This presentation is your go-to guide to developing this strategy for your company. 

The presentation provides the context, frameworks, and specific steps leaders need to develop an experience platform. It draws a multi-year collaboration between the Platform Strategy Institute Strategic Horizons LLP, which pioneered and promulgated the idea of the Experience Economy.


Platform Organization, Talent & Leadership 

As the number and scope of platform companies have grown, so has the need for platform-specific talent and leadership. This presentation draws on extensive research and advisory work related to the growing importance of platform professional talent. Six role archetypes stand out: platform strategy, platform product management, platform ecosystem management, platform engineering, platform data management, and platform trust, privacy & compliance. This presentation provides comprehensive recommendations to companies regarding platform professional talent development, divided into near-term actions that can be taken immediately and longer-term actions that can be implemented over a 2-5-year time horizon.

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